Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment in Ayurveda

By Dr. Satnam Singh & Dr. Harveen Kaur Ayurvedaacharya & researcher (Arogyam Ayurveda)

PSORIASIS (kitibha) is a disease in which our skin grows faster and forms layers over layers resulting in Dry, thick, scaly plaques or patches. It starts mostly on scalp or patches, hairline, elbows, and back. Symptoms inlcude lot of itching and burning sensation on scalp and skin.

If you are facing any such problem, you must get Arogyam’s psoriatic arthritis treatment in Ayurveda at the earliest for effective results.

 (Dr. Satnam Singh & Dr. Harveen Kaur)
As a VIP speaker On Ayurveda in British Parliament (UK)
 (Dr. Satnam Singh & Dr. Harveen Kaur)
As a VIP speaker On Ayurveda in British Parliament (UK)

Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment in Ayurveda – Arogyam is the first Ayurvedic Hospital who has presented scientific research papers in the cure of allergy. Arogyam Ayurveda provides combination of very effective herbs mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts i.e Psoriasis Care pack. It has proved to be very effective herbal remedy for psoriasis patient.

 (Dr. Satnam Singh & Dr. Harveen Kaur)
National award in the field of Ayurveda from Ex minister & cricketer sardar navjot singh sidhu

PSORISIS CARE PACK contains below mentioned products formulated by M.D Ayurveda Doctors within best experiences in Ayurveda.


  • Skin Allergic capsules:- 2 capsules in the morning + 2 capsules in the evening after a meal.
  • KHADIRADI VATI:- 1 Tab morning and 1 tablet evening with warm.
  • Ski pack:- Make a paste with water and apply on affected area. After removal apply coconut oil an affected area.
  • Lippo ointment:- Apply over affected areas thrice a day or as directed by the prescribing physician.

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  • SKIN ALLERGIC CAPSULES:- It is veru unique herbal and Ayurvedic formulation specially made to give relief to people with skin problems. It helps to detoxtify and cleanses the blood removing kotha present in blood which does not i.e. the skin get back to normal conditions.
  • KHADIRADI VATI:- Khadira is a potent herb which is known for its benefits in cleansing the skin of its toxins reduces itching like symptoms..
  • SKIN PACK:- It is rare combination of herbs to be applied on skin to prevent skin disorders.
  • LIPPU OINTMENT:– A combination of herbs to bearfil th skin with goodness of coconut oil to prevent it .

Why Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment in Ayurveda is better than Allopathy?

  • Allopathy has just steroids in treatment of psoriasis ,steroidal medicines has very dangerous side effect on our body.
  • Allopathy has just symptomatic relief
  • Ayurveda can cure Psoriasis. As Psoriasis was described in Ayurvedic texts before 5000 years.
  • Ayurvedic cures this diseases but without any side effect.

Symptoms of Psorisis Patient:

  • Red, Silvery raised patches on the skin.
  • White silvery scales or plaques on the red patches appear on the skin.
  • Too much itching and burning sensation on the scalp.
  • Dry skin that may bleed.
  • Dandruff like material shade from the patches.
  • Sometimes Psoriasis can involve the joined and cause pain in the joint.


  • Even Doctors are not clear about their causes
  • It may be genetic or dur to imbalance in immunitys.

Single and simple home remedies for Psoriasis:

  • Upvaas or fasting to be recommended in Ayurveda.
    According to Ayurveda texts , to toxins of gut are responsible by this diseases
  • Best way of upvass is to take green vegetables soup whole of the day. When water to be taken after short intervals.
  • It has a very good effect on psoriasis.

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